lettera-g-teschiGraveyard magic… this word only people can understand, which share my passion for this kind of locations. There is a reverent silence on cemeteries, you find nowhere else. Especially old cemeteries give me this feeling of leaving this world and entering a world “in between” and there is nothing spooky or horrible. This places give me a feeling of melancholy, a very mild, gentle sorrow even, but this doesn’t feel bad. There is something very calming in this “graveyard magic”. And this feelings awakes thoughts of being and decay. We are all in the same flow. What we are now, the dead have been once. What they are now, we will be. This is an unalterable law  which we should accept as we are subjected to this, whether we like it or not. My tours through cemeteries are part of my  examination  with this fact. I am still stunned by the beauty I found on these cemeteries.