Native of Baltimore, Maryland USA , John Flack has spent over 30 years photographing various subjects but has always been drawn to the art of cemeteries. He has shot hundreds of photos in numerous cemeteries in the Baltimore area but has a special tie to Loudon Park which was the first cemetery he photographed. In a recent interview he remarked that after all these years of photographing Loudon Park he still finds something new every time he strolls through the cemetery’s rolling hills. When asked what makes a great cemetery photo he replied, “Composition, lighting, and emotion, I try to capture the feeling and mood of the piece I’m photographing. I look at it, read it, study it and humbly try
to express what I believe is its beauty and the feeling I get from it.”
 In addition to continuing his cemetery photography John is working on several other projects. He currently lives near the water on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.
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